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Short History

My site will be primarily focused on sewing.  I started sewing before the age of 10, being taught by my mother.  When I became old enough, I joined 4-H and continued to learn more.  I entered my sewing projects in Dress Reviews and the county fairs.  Being a rural community, the competition was limited and I won on a regular basis.  This encouraged me to continue and gave me a creative outlet.  While in high school, I made most of my clothes.  My final project in Home Economics was my first quilt made entirely out of double knit.  My high school graduation gift from my parents was a new sewing machine.  I moved to the Dallas, Texas area to attend school, met my husband and still live here.  We had two sons which I made pajamas and Halloween costumes for.  They were Ewoks, Batman and Robin, Star Trek characters, and Ninja Turtles.
As money became short, I would custom sew for a few customers.  When I wanted to work hard, I would take on a Pewee Football drill team.  I would applique block letters on sweatshirts for high schools.  As the years passed (and my husband was in the computer industry), I started admiring the embroidery machines coming on the market.  I told him that when the sewing industry caught up with the computer industry, that I was going to purchase a new machine and digitizing software.  That happened for me October of 1999.  While enjoying the State Fair of Texas, I was introduced to my first Bernina sewing machine.  That was a red letter day for me.  I purchased a180E and V2 of the Artista software.  I don't think I did any sewing for the next two years - just embroidery and digitizing.  I began doing embroidery work for customers.  I became so busy that I purchased a second machine, a 170E so I could double my productivity.  This continued until my youngest son was finishing high school and I took a part time job at my Bernina dealer.  This was not a good fit for me so after a year, I quit.  Within two days, another dealer in town called and offered me a job.  That was ten years ago now. December of 2012, I retired from teaching and have enjoyed almost unlimited sewing time.  I currently own a170E, 200/730E, and an 830NG.  I also own a Bernina serger, 2500DCET.