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What makes a well run Quilt Guild?

Just to clarify, I have only attended quilt guilds in my local area - and only from the cheap seats.  What that means is that I have only been a member in a guild, never as a board member.  What does membership look like?

Cost is between $25 and $45 a year.
Monthly programs usually from quilters who have published books, teaches workshops or created award winning quilts.
Opportunities to attend retreats with like minded quilters.
Opportunities for community service.

What are you working on now?

I get this question all the time.  People tell me how much I am getting done and frankly I always feel like I am not getting enough accomplished.  Here is a list of my current projects that I (at least in my mind) have actively going.

July 2015

The weather here has finally turned into a normal Summer.  We have had record rain in North Texas that has fill all our lakes and has caused flooding in some areas.  In preparation for our normal water restrictions, I have installed three rain barrels since last year. It was a surprise to me how quickly they fill up.  Due to the amount of rain we have received and the continued rain through June, I have not had to water much so far this year.

Strange Year for Gardening

Last Fall, hubby and I made improvements to my little backyard vegetable garden.  One of the improvements was a low tunnel.  This gave me the confidence to plant my garden earlier this year than I ever had.  I had frost cloth to cover my young plants if freezing weather threatened.  Fortunately, I did not have to use it.  This earlier start has paid off this year - so far.  I have plants producing veggies earlier than ever.  I picked jalapeno peppers yesterday.

2015 Vegetable Garden

I was able to get an early start on my vegetable garden this year.  I guess I felt smug because I had extra frost cloth on hand if it turned off cold again.  As soon as I got most of it planted, my life got very busy. 

Garden Improvments

Warning - this is all about my garden.  No sewing items in this one.

Winter Garden Prep and Hexagon Quilt

We had gorgeous weather last weekend.  I took advantage of the weather and tried to catch up on some things that didn't get done in the Spring due to my eye surgery.  Grass had also started growing in my raised vegetable beds.  They are now pristine! I had already pulled up my tomato and okra plants.

Summer Garden Gone - Sewing Time Increased

I spent some time this last weekend pulling up the last of my Summer garden.  The tomato and pepper plants are gone.  The Okra is always the hardest to pull up because they make such big stalks.  Since I am not having to worry with a garden now, sewing time has increased.  As the Pioneer Woman says, "Here's what going on - on the Ranch."

Outdoor Happenings

You know, if you just pay attention, miracles happen around us every day.  These are some observations I made today.

My plamaria blooms about this time every year.  It Winters in my garage every year and loses all it's leaves.  Yet every year, it sprouts leaves and blooms wonderful flowers.  The hummingbirds always visit it.  Speaking of hummingbirds, mine are still visiting the feeder every day.  I know one day soon they will be gone.

What do I do now?

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on a project with my sister-in-law Judy (our husbands are brothers).  While Judy and I don't live very far apart, we both have busy lives and don't get a chance to catch up very often.  She spends her days now taking care of her 4 month old great grand daughter.  In the course of our working on this project Judy ask me, "Since you don't work at the Bernina store any longer, what do you do now?"  This question hit me in the face like a bucket of cold water and I could not came up with an immediate answer.  My answer was that I guess

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