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Using up Scraps

My French Braid quilt came back from the quilter.  I got it bound in time to show the ladies at our local Bernina shop's Quilt Sitters program.  I really like the quilting Pam Seeger completed for me.

I have been wanting to make a cover for my machines for some time.  I started the cover while on the last quilt retreat.  I finally got it finished the other day.

Adventures in Making Butter

Now that I am not working, I have tried to cook more at home.  My son exposed us to a wonderful source for grass fed beef and now we are hooked.  Most every week we purchase a basket of fruit and vegetables from Bountiful Baskets.  The next step was using organic or raw milk.  These are two different animals.  Organic milk is available at my local grocery store but has gone through the same processes as the non-organic milk.  I think the source of the milk (cows taking milk enhancing drugs etc) is the main difference.

Dallas Quilt Show 2013

Every year I get together with a few friends and we attend the Dallas Quilt Show.  Some years are better than others and I thought this was an exceptionally good year.  Market Hall was full of wonderful vendors welcoming us to come inside and browse.  There were beautiful quilts on display that translate into years on inspiration.  Cameras are a must when you attend the show.  There are too many ideas for you to remember after you get home.  They need to be captured.  I simply adore applique so that will show through in the pictures I post here. 

February, Looking Back and Looking Forward

It's the close of another month and time to evaluate my progress on my goals for the year.

French Braid

I know there was a French Braid quilt craze a couple of years ago.  I thought they were pretty but never made one.  I guess I also thought they looked hard to make.  I was wrong.  The hardest thing about making a French Braid quilt is picking the fabric.

Two Projects Completed

This weeks sees two projects that I worked on at the ASG sewing retreat finished.  The first item is a Cowl neck top made by a Vogue pattern.This is the first clothing item, besides bras, that I have completed in years.  I actually want to wear this.

January Update on Goals for 2013

It is the last day of January.  Time to look at those goals I set for myself in December.

I have continued to learn Drupal, so I can put a check mark on that goal.  Not that I have completed it, but continues to be a work in progress.

Jungle Babies Quilt

Jungle Babies is a pattern that I started about 3 years ago.  I picked out all of the fabrics, drew off almost all of the applique shapes, cut them out, and packed it away.  I pulled it out at the ASG retreat to see where I stopped.  I realized that I didn't have the background fabric, but was able to see where I was on the progress and finish cutting out the shapes.

American Sewing Guild Retreat

I am at the Plano Chapter of the American Sewing guild yearly retreat.  It has been held for several years at a beautiful site at Texoma right on the lake.  It was a beautiful day today but I watched it from the window beside my sewing machine.  I have been in the company of lovely ladies who share a love of sewing.  Most of these ladies are garment sewers but also do craft items.  One lady did work on a quilt this time.  I was the only one who worked on a quilt last year.

ASG Sewing Retreat

I am leaving tomorrow for the Lake Texoma area for our annual American Sewing Guild, Plano chapter, sewing retreat.  I attended this event last year for the first time. Last year, we had a guest instructor.  I signed up for her class and learned how to make and fit my own bras. Yes, you heard me.  I have been wearing bras I made myself for a year now and won't go back to purchased bras again.  She was a great teacher.  This year, the entire weekend, I will work on projects of my choice.

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