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A Slight Change of Plans

I have always been a home body.  I enjoy being at home and taking care of my home.  I think this comes from being raised by a farmer and a stay at home mom.  We stayed home a lot.  I have actually worked full time for only short periods of time: before I got married, after I got married until I had children and once more when finances required it. I have worked part time when the perfect job presented itself.  What made it the perfect job?  It was something I wanted to do and my schedule did not interfere with my family life. 

New Quilting Friend

Several months ago, I joined Facebook.  This started a chain of events that I did not foresee.  One of my high school classmates found me.  We started chatting and she strongly suggested that I attend our high school reunion.  I had never attended my high school reunion but this was going to be our 35th (don't tell anyone) and the 100th for my high school.  I agreed to attend since she had also attempted to contact all of our class.  She did a great job and we had the most people attend from our class that had ever attended.  Since I agreed to attend the high

Fleeting Inspiration

I have quilts and projects floating around in my mind that will never make it to fabric.  I keep thinking that I need to keep a sketch book to keep traWho has seen the Wind?ck of these fleeting images but alas, documentation has never been my strong suit.  I have a difficult time spending time on any

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