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Summer Garden Gone - Sewing Time Increased

I spent some time this last weekend pulling up the last of my Summer garden.  The tomato and pepper plants are gone.  The Okra is always the hardest to pull up because they make such big stalks.  Since I am not having to worry with a garden now, sewing time has increased.  As the Pioneer Woman says, "Here's what going on - on the Ranch."

I am finally quilting my Pinwheel quilt.  In January, I took a quilting class from Jackie Brown.  She was wonderful and now I need to put some of that knowledge to use - and save money on not having a long arm quilter do it for me.  A long arm quilter is always my first choice.  This is more throw size so should not be terrible to quilt.

I finally finished the Lone Star quilt top, which was the Block of the Month for the Old Craft Store in Carrollton, Texas. It was a lot of work but I always wanted to make one.  I don't know why I volunteered to make the king size one.  If successful at quilting my Pinwheel quilt, I am going to quilt this one also.  I just need to find a good deal on 3.25 yards of 110 inch wide backing fabric or 9.5 yards of regular fabric.  Yes, quilting is an expensive hobby.

There is so much bias and Y seams in this quilt that I lost some of my outer points but over all I am happy with it. I can mark this one off my bucket list because I don't think I will ever want to make a king size lone star quilt again.  And YES, I did miter my borders.  I made the binding for this quilt and will put it aside until I can find (afford) the backing fabric

I have started working on the Row by Row kits I picked up on the shop hop.  There are two of them.

I have in progress the Block of the Month from my local Bernina store Quilt Sitter program. Should make for an interesting quilt at the end.  This uses the Squedge ruler.

This is my progress on my hexagon quilt.  I lack part of two star blocks before I start attaching them together.

Future projects will include this wall hanging.  It has a ton of yo-yo's.  More handwork to keep me busy.

And this full size quilt from McCalls quilting magazine.  It is called Peace Cottage.

Now the question is:  Should I put in a Winter garden?

My goodness Sandie you are a

My goodness Sandie you are a very productive lady.......Loving all your current projects (in awe of the lone star quilt)and also the ones on your to do list....ESPECIALLY PEACE COTTAGE. I love quilts with houses in them.
As for the winter garden....have you done one before? How cold does it get? From experience I CAN say that everything here is a lot slower so not as MUCH work.....with the exception of the weeds of course!!!
My summer veg patch is coming along nicely....lettuce, beetroot, peas, runner beans, broad beans, egg plant (for pickle), cue's, zucchini, capsicum, chilli, rocket, mitzuma, water spinach, coriander, radish, silver beet, tomatoes and spinach. Looks like my days of sewing are going to be fewer as I try to keep up with the veggies!! Of course how much survives depends on my vigilance and how hot it gets....and of course what mother nature throws at me. Last year it was the worst case of cabbage moth I have ever seen!!!!
Keep the updates coming Sandie.....I love reading it all!!!!!