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Bags, Bags, Bags

These are most of the bags I have made in the past couple of years.  I traditionally don't like fabric bags.  I am always worrying about where I can put it down that it doesn't get dirty.  I also tend to fill up the purse I carry so I have to be careful about the size of purse I choose.

This bag is called the Two Hour Tulip bag.  It comes in several sizes.  The top picture is the large size and as a flap.  The bottom picture is the smallest bag.  They have pockets on the inside and out.  They are really cute.  While it takes about two hours to sew them together, it takes two hours to figure out what pieces need to be cut out of what fabric and lining, then cut all the layers out.

The next bags are all bags I made as samples for the Software Sampler program.  The bags are basically a canvas for making different techniques with my Bernina Artista V6 software.

This pattern is called the Messenger bag.  The flap on this bag would make a great place to do many different artistic applications.  This bag has lots of pockets.  One of the wonderful things about this bag is that the flap is sewn on last and makes a cover for the back pocket.

This bag is called the Slouch Bag.  This one was made out of recycled blue jeans. The pockets were used off of the jeans for pockets on the bag.  The pattern also shows the bag made out of fashion fabric and it looks great.  It depends on the look you want.  This was a fun and very easy bag to put together.  I would like to make another out of fashion fabric.

This bag was made to showcase the cross stitch abilities in the Artista software.  This bag has a back pocket and a zipper compartment.  This might be a bag I would take to a quilt show or state fair; a time when I need a few things but don't want to carry my entire purse.  It will hold money, a camera and phone.

This bag was amazingly simple to make.  There is no embroidery on this bag.  The designs you see are placed there with the use of Transfer Artist paper.  Wonderful product for using when lettering is too small to embroidery or pictures that have shading that would be lost in embroidery.

This bag was made for a Christmas project.  It could be used to hold a Christmas gift.  Of course any fabric could be used to make it a gift bag for any season.  The prairie points around the top of the bag were not in the pattern.  I just thought they would be a cute addition.

I have many more bag patterns than I have every made. If I ever found a bag pattern that was truly functional for me, I would probably make one, wear it out, and make another one, and wear it out.