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Christmas Quilts

As part of my job, I was required to make a Christmas project to display in the store every year.  The following pictures are some of the quilts and wall hangings I have completed through the years.

This quilt is Christmas Windows.  It was made with machine applique.  I was working on this quilt when my father in law became ill.  I cut out the applique shapes while setting with him in the hospital.  After it was displayed in the store, I gave this quilt to my mother in law.

This quilt is named Christmas Ribbons.  It was originally made the book.  I made the quilt from two red and two black fabrics for the ribbons.
This is a wall hanging I made.  The stars are pieced but the mistletoe shapes are applique made on the embroidery hoop.  I also made cutwork files for the shapes so I didn't have to cut out all those small circles.

This is one of my newest Christmas projects.  This is a pattern named Feathered Christmas. The shapes are from Sarah Vedeler's embroidery design files.  There are cutwork and embroidery files for each shape.  The pattern called for a checkerboard border.  I liked it better with a solid border.

This quilt is from McKinna Ryan and is named Jingle Bear Rock.  Have you noticed that I love applique?
This is simply a machine appliqued wall hanging.  I challenged myself to only use scraps on this quilt so there was nothing purchased to make this project.This was made from a true type font and applique snow flakes.  My Cutwork software and tool, and my V6 Artista Software was used.