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Be Careful What You Wish For

I have always been a task oriented person.  Give me a "to do" list and I will get all items completed and marked off.  To that end, I thought I would create a "Current Projects" picture album on my computer as a visual to do list of all my sewing projects either in progress or I want to do real soon.  I took my Ipad into my sewing studio to take pictures for my new brain child.  I thought I had a good grasp on the projects I had started and one day would complete.  I tend to put projects in the small bins to keep the supplies organized.  This started my "Oops" phase.  Oops, I forgot about that one, Oops, another one, etc.

The first quilt is a Judy Neimeyer "Crown of Thorns" paper pieced quilt.  I started this quilt about 10 years ago when we moved into our house and I had a new BIG sewing studio.  I promptly increased my hours at the Bernina store and it became an unfinished project.  I have all of the spikes pieced.  I am to the point of doing all of the curved piecing - - which may be why I stopped.  I have a Bernina 830 now with dual feed.  Should be a piece of cake!

The second project was a baby quilt I thought was adorable.  I will have to get into it and see, but I think I might have traced some of the applique shapes on the wrong side of the fusible web.  This means that they won't fit together when I try to place them on the background fabric.  I have time to fix that now.  This sounds like a quilt retreat project!

How many of us who sew all the time, really want to inventory our unfinished and in progress projects to see how many we really have?  I am looking for a show of hands here.  No, me neither.

I have been going through

I have been going through mine and trying to finish them. I am now looking at 'tops' to see what I need in backs!

Yep, no show of hands here.

Yep, no show of hands here. My project list (now renamed my bucket list as I'm running out of time!) is huge. But I LOVE your idea of putting all the ingredients for each project into a bin! How motivating would that be when I feel like doing something but nothing really comes to mind? Or when I simply feel like accomplishing something but not actually sewing?

I have one of those Judy N quilts on my list too. I think as far as I got was to cut out all the paper templates. LOL