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Electric Quilt

How many of you own and use Electric Quilt?  I first purchased V5 of the Electric Quilt software several years ago.  Even though it came with videos and tutorials, I never really learned how to use it.  I could design a simply quilt of blocks that came default in the software but nothing extra or special.  I tried to learn V6 but other deadlines got in the way.  At this point in time, something wonderful happened!  A member of our local American Sewing Guild decided to start a users group and teach those who wanted to attend, how to use the software. We set up a Yahoo group to communicate with the members and share ideas.  This group has been going now for a couple of years.  I have a much greater understanding of the software now and use it all the time.  I design many more quilts than I every make but it is wonderful to see how changing the fabric placement, changes the quilt.

This is the first quilt I made using Electric Quilt as the pattern design.  It is basically a star block set with a block of half square triangles.  I love this quilt.  It is made completely out of batik fabric.  The next quilt is the same pattern made from different fabric.

My friend Janie B. selected this fabric for me.  It is a much brighter quilt.  The shades of the pink and purple fabric make the pattern look like there is a ribbon traveling through the quilt.  I find this amazing.  These are the same pattern but two different looking quilts.

The following quilt is a pattern I made a couple of years ago but it still intrigues me. When I find the right fabrics, I will make it.

It is just two fabrics and more half square triangles.  The pattern is a positive/negative star design.  Some day I will walk into a quilt store and the fabric will speak to me.  Until that day, it will continue to fascinate me.

It is amazing how the ribbon

It is amazing how the ribbon shows up in the second quilt but not in the first! i like them both. I also like the last one and wonder what colors will speak!