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Quilting Bug

There are few things more exciting than being witness to someone catching the quilting bug.  God did not give me a daughter to teach how to sew until my son got married 10 years ago. I was thrilled to discover that she worked for Jo Ann's Fabrics while in high school.  She had sewn a few items and seemed to enjoy it.  I could tell that she had experienced some frustration with her early projects.  Life became busy for her with college, getting married, work, and setting up a new home.  At one point, she purchased a purse pattern.  She came to my sewing room and made it.  It was wonderful sewing with my daughter in law.  So much fun seeing her eyes light up with her success.  As time went on, her mother purchased a new Bernina.  My daughter in law was able to take possession of her mom's old Bernina 830 in perfect condition, complete with cabinet.
Fast forward to Christmas.  With the gift of a new dining room table, my daughter in law wanted to make a table topper.  After looking through a book of quilt blocks, we drew out a simple square topper in Electric Quilt v7.  I wanted my DIL to make something simple enough to not get discouraged and be able to learn the entire process; fabric selection, tools, simple piecing of blocks, quilting, and binding.

This is the blocks and colors she choose.  We took a trip to the new McKinney quilt shop, Stitched With Love, to start selecting fabric.  I did let her look over my stash before going to the quilt store.  She selected several fabrics to start the process.  Stitched with Love showered her with attention auditioning fabric until she found some she fell in love with.  From there, she went to the Quilt Asylum, another McKinney quilt shop.  She was able to complete her selections, as well as bring home some additional fat quarters, just because they spoke to her.

When I saw her last night, she had made some perfect half square triangles out of scrap fabric, a test before cutting into her "good" fabric.
She was so excited.  She did admit that she had to learn how to thread her machine again.  I took her a scrap of batting and a back for her table topper. I definitely think she has caught the quilting bug. 

When we attended the Texas State Fair in October 2012, she saw a quilt that she loved.  I found the book that the quilt was made from and purchased us both a copy.  It was a more challenging quilt than I felt she needed to start with.  One day, I hope we can make it together.  It is truely beautiful.  She has good taste!

Stitched With Love

Their website is and looks like a Face Book page generated site.

Qulting Bug

I know the pleasure of teaching a daughter in law how to quilt. I am glad yours is eager to learn. You will have lots of fun. Does Stitched with Love have a web site? I found their Facebook page. I see the Grand opening it this Thursday. I will have to go!